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France's new left-wing government promises marriage and adoption rights in 2013

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Some activists are taking a wait and see attitude, but it's one of the things François Hollande ran on, marriage equality. Pretty cool. From AFP:
Symbolically, French Minister for Families Dominique Bertinotti turned out to see the floats set off.

"I go everywhere where the future of the family is at stake," she said, adding that "every bit of social progress benefits society as a whole".

Bertinotti said she was "confident" the law "would be passed in 2013".

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said ahead of the march on Friday that "the right to marriage and adoption for all would be put in place" during President Francois Hollande's five-year mandate, but did not specify the date.

The crowd, however, remained sceptical.
France is not the US. But. Politicians are politicians, and politics is politics. Don't make the same mistake we did, mes amis, in trusting that your political leaders will keep their promises without the need of a little pressure. As I said during an interview last year, intentionally quoting Ronald Reagan, trust but verify.  It's their job to keep their promises, and it's your job to make sure they keep them.

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