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Anti-gay pastor convicted of playing with himself in public park

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Best part of the story - he's the guy who regularly protests New Orleans' Southern Decadence gay festival as "depraved."

Takes one to know one.

From the NY Daily News:
During his confession, Storms told police he was cutting some grass in the park when he took a break to drink a beer and became "horny," the newspaper reported.
"Why do you go to the park and do this, as far as masturbating,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kevin Balser asked Storms during the interview, according to the Times-Picayune.
"I don't know," Storms said. "I guess a thrill."
"So it's a thrill-slash-fantasy for you?" Balser said.
"Yes," Storms said.
I love how the press is talking about speculation that he did this because he was a pedophile (there was a park nearby). They're forgetting another possibility. I don't know about the South, but here in the North there's another reason a guy pulls out his thang while parked. And it's not spend the time alone, or to meet women.

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