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Gay GOPers to hold Tampa convention party at fetish site w/ Paul Ryan imitator

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Artist rendition of next week's event:
No homophobic GOP vice presidential candidates were harmed in
the creation of AMERICAblog's artist rendition (Fetish photo via Shuttertstock)
Well this should be fun.

And hey, I got nothing about a good fetish party. I do think, however, that if you're trying to kiss the GOP's gay-hating ass - like the sponsor of this party, GOProud, is doing - then you might want to avoid having an impersonator of your anti-gay, anti-sex candidate at a venue that regularly holds fetish parties.

The Edge has the deets:
The list also features GOProud’s HomoCon 2012 at the Honey Pot. "Male Revue Upstairs in the VIP Room Featuring Paul Ryan Look-alike!" the ad reads. GOProud is a group of gay conservatives who will host their HomoCon convention during the RNC. EDGE reported that the event features a number of conservatives speakers, including the editor of the conservative news and opinion website Breitbart, Dana Loesch, who has made anti-gay remarks in the past.
Will the Paul Ryan look-alike be clothed?  Because the Honey Pot is the monthly venue for the biggest fetish party around.

Via a recommendation on the Facebook:
One of the best local fetish parties around. Tons of fun, play spaces have a good feel,and the DMs are some of the best.
And FourSquare:
Second Saturday each month upstairs you will find the bay areas best Fetish Club. Its the real thing, equipment to use, toys to buy, and entertainment to watch.
And here's a better description of the event:
So this weekend was the once a month Fetish Circuit and this Slutzy Girl attended. The club night is hosted at the Honey Pot in Ybor City. Fet Cir take over the upstairs floor. It is a great event that starts really as you arrive. Ybor is lively and full of fun and unusual people. As you arrive at the club, the line for the Honey was snaking around the corner of the building, but this is not where the fetish are crowd are going. Head to the front of the line, hop the rope and say you are for Fet Circuit and in you go. Banded at the door you then head to the back of the club to Fet Cir, banded and paid you head upstairs.

It is a great location, great bar tender, tvs all around the place with porn movies playing. One area hosts some local vendors and my eye was taken by a pair of fabulous heavy red floggers. yummy. As you walk around, people are milling around, finding friends new and old. A number of rope suspensions are going on. In one corner two girls are suspended in web like rope work and look amazing, the long hair of one of the girls is even tethered to the frame.

Further back in an intense flogging scene is going on, a man tied to a St Andrews Cross is receiving some well deserved scening from his Domme.

Working my away around the club, I chat with the DJ for a bit, and the music is loud and great. Perfect for scening. As the evening goes on I see more flogging, more rope play and a number of people on spanking benches, being spanked, flogged and whipped. It is a great place to chat and understand a new technique from an experienced person. The club is run extremely well, Edwin does a wonderful job at organizing and bringing this event to us each month.
I'd love to know if the Romney/Ryan campaign has a comment on this?

And local Tampa readers, please go and get us some photos :)

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