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CA bans ex-gay therapy for minors

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Hallelujah. It's the modern equivalent of the lobotomy, and even the leader of the "ex-gays" has now admitted that it doesn't work.

It does, however, give parents false "hope," and worse than that - it helps to fuel discrimination by convincing parents that their kids are gay because something went wrong. But, that your kid can be "cured," so don't let him accept the "lifestyle."

It's a recipe for kids leaving home, at least - and killing themselves, at worst.  From Reuters:
California's state Assembly approved a bill on Tuesday to prohibit children and teenagers from undergoing a controversial therapy that aims to reverse homosexuality, moving the state closer to becoming the first to impose such a ban. The 51-21 vote ... marked a major victory for gay rights advocates ... The Senate passed its version of the bill ... 23-13 in May. Lawmakers must iron out minor differences in the two measures by Friday before a final bill makes its way to the desk of Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. Brown has not indicated whether he supports the measure.

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