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French Catholic church says gays are pedophiles, tries to veto marriage in France

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The Catholic church.  That bastion of pedophilia, and pedophile-enablers - to this day - now claims to be worried about the welfare of children.  That's why the Catholic church has yet to fully fess up to its role in enabling the rape of children across the world for decades, if not millennia.

Now, the Catholic church is bringing back a move from the king - a figurehead the French violently overthrew, mind you - in an effort to inject religion into politics and effectively veto a Democratic state.
A tradition will be revived in France next week when a “Prayer for France” will be read out at Catholic churches across the country. The text, which attacks the government’s plan to legalise same-sex marriage, has angered France’s gay rights groups.
The annual “Prayer for France” was a centuries old custom but died out after World War Two. It was first uttered in the seventeenth century after King Louis XIII decreed all churches would pray on August 15 for the good of the country.
As well as opposing gay marriage, the prayer also makes clear the Catholic Church’s resistance to gay adoption.

The cardinal invites congregations to pray that “children cease to be objects of the desires and conflicts of adults and fully benefit from the love of a father and a mother.”
These words provoked the wrath of Inter LGBT.
The Catholic church is worried about children becoming objects of desire? (And please don't tell me that they're not talking about pedophilia - "objects of desire"?) Yet they still have not come fully clean on the pedophilia racket they ran for generations. Their hypocrisy is priceless, and sickening.

France, like much of western Europe, wised up long ago about the Catholic church.  While most French are Catholic, most French arenare not religious.  The Catholic church thankfully doesn't have the power to overthrow democracy in France like it, and its brethren the Mormons and the religious right, do on a regular basis in the states.

But seriously, the greatest gathering of pedophiles and their enablers in the history of man has the audacity to accuse us of sexually abusing children?  If the Catholic church is so worried about child molesters perhaps it should take a look in a mirror.

How do you say NAMBLA in Latin?

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