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Ugandan bigots say the darndest things

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Nice story from PBS on Uganda. Only quibble is PBS referring to Scott Lively, the head of an officially-declared "hate group," and the man who authored Holocaust revisionism claiming that gays were the masterminds behind the Holocaust, as simply an "evangelical pastor."

Media shouldn't dumb-down hate. You don't have to call it "hate," but at least recognize that a lead anti-gay activist who has been officially declared a "hate group" is more than a simple "evangelical pastor."

When the same story refers to David Kato as a "gay activist" (and the word "activist," and especially phrase "gay activist," is often used by the far-right to brand us as fringe), why isn't Lively an "anti-gay activist"?

Or if you want to keep Lively an evangelical pastor then call Kato a gay human rights advocate.
JOSEPH SERWADDA, Pastor: This is going to be very tough on Africa, because most African nations consider gayism. . .


JOSEPH SERWADDA: . . . gayism as a behavior, not as a culture, not as a faith, and definitely not as a way of life.

FRED DE SAM LAZARO: Pastor Joseph Serwadda, who heads an association of Pentecostal and evangelical churches, says Western countries are imposing their values and agenda on sub-Saharan Africa. As proof, he noted that the head of mission at the U.S. Embassy here attended the funeral of gay activist David Kato.

JOSEPH SERWADDA: Many people, thousands of them, die of HIV/AIDS, of other illnesses and ailments. Many people die in road accidents, and we've never seen an ambassador show up at a grave site.

FRED DE SAM LAZARO: Could it be because -- could it be because his picture was on the front page of a magazine that said, "Hang Them?"

JOSEPH SERWADDA: Could also be because America has an agenda for homosexuals in Uganda.
Of course, the irony is that Serwadda who is so worried about white westerners imposing their values on Uganda has no problem letting white western hate groups impose their values on Uganda, values he's channeling.

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