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Another day of waiting for marriage vote in Albany

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The waiting begins anew...

Freedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson was in the studio with Anderson Cooper again last night. Great line from Evan."Marriage is not defined by who is denied it."

The Republican Senators will meet at 10 AM to discuss whether or not they will bring the bill to the floor. The New York Times doesn't think additional religious exemption language is needed:

Mr. Cuomo, who once promised new openness in Albany, sealed negotiations on marriage and ethics and other matters in ways that rival some of his most secretive predecessors. The Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, said on Thursday that he had seen revised language for the governor’s marriage-equality bill and that it was “acceptable.” But he refused to share it with the public.

The issue — apparently — has been how far Republicans could push same-sex marriage advocates for special exceptions. The big question became whether nonprofit groups affiliated with religious institutions can bar ceremonies or wedding parties on their property because the couple are of the same gender. Mr. Cuomo’s bill handled the balance between religious freedom and the freedom against discrimination just right. No one needed to change it, and especially not furtively.
The other big question is whether the GOP Senate Leader Dean Skelos will bring the vote to the floor. We need to get a vote in New York.

If you live in New York, keep calling your Senators -- especially if you have a GOP Senator. The Republicans need to know that they must allow a vote. So, call. It matters.

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