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Anonymous gay group shakes up evangelical college

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The good news - the school, Biola University, won't expel the kids so long as they seek help. Lovely.

[Vice President for Student Development] Grace dismissed the notion that students who are "struggling with homosexuality" would face expulsion. "I guess you'd almost call that a myth that students would get expelled for that," Grace said. Instead, Biola offers students an "open-door policy" to talk about their struggles and receive spiritual counseling. But he makes it clear that for a student who identifies as gay and is engaging in "gay behavior and unwilling to uphold our community standards we would initiate the dismissal process."

Debate about the group has raged among students and in the campus newspaper.

Samuel Smith, a cinema and media arts major, objected to the fact the members won’t come forward. “If you want an honest and true discussion about what they're going through, I feel they shouldn't be anonymous.”

Alexis Hughes, a biblical studies major, said the gay group’s anonymity is telling. "Obviously, if it's underground, they know it’s wrong and on some level they know they shouldn't be doing it"
Yeah, like the Underground Railroad, and the French Resistance - they were both underground too, and anonymous. Guess it's because they knew at some level they shouldn't be doing it.

Heckuvan education they're getting there at Ebola University.

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